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Entnahme von Gewicht und Größe


2015, digital print on fabric, wallpaper, wood, string, clips

4 x 6 x 5 m

Eigen&Art Lab, Berlin


As a place to produce and present the large-scaled works of Hitler's favourite artist Arno Breker, the NS-regime built him a monumental studio in Berlin Dahlem.

After WW2 the building was converted as artists' studios and later on into a museum. During these renovations the oversized hidden doors from the original studio were found under layers of wallpaper. They were photographed, the image printed onto semi-transparent fabric and reduced in size to fit the height of the exhibition space in Berlin Mitte.

Pieces of the old wallpaper, which had covered the door, are being used to re-figure details of Breker’s sculptures in the form of a mobile. 

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