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Preview: Thursday, December 5th, from 6pm

with hot alcohol and tasty toasties on terrace

Fri, Sat & Sun, Dec 6th – 8th, until 6pm

unit on top floor terrace 

LoBe Block

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13357 Berlin

A Room Recalls


2014, mirror glass, scaffolding, acrylic paint, projected looped film sequences

(DVD, 4:3 b/w, 11:35 min, no sound, 2014) 

5,5 x 10,8 x 13,5 m

K21 Ständehaus, Kunstsammlung NRW


A black scaffolding structure is set on a mirror glass floor inducing the destruction of the fragile surface.

This destruction is continued by each person entering the structure as their weight adds more cracks in the surface.

Sequences of the film “The Picture of Dorian Gray” (USA 1945) are projected in the space and being distorted

by the mirrored floor as well as by features of the architecture, namely the niche of the window and its frame.