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Bonsai als Gast


2009, single core wires, cable binders, connector blocks, plastic hose, valve, canula, lamp holder, daylight reflector lamp, bonsai, soil, ceramic

2,7 x 3 x 4 m

Hotel Beethoven, Bonn


In a former hotel room two electric single core wires are connected to the cable of a bedside lamp. They lead to the ceiling and form a space-filling hanging structure. The room has its own shower cabin in the corner. The dripping shower tap is connected to a hose, which joins the electric core wires to form a large entanglement out of water and electric conducting lines. The structure ends above a bonsai tree on the other side of the hotel room. Water from the hose fill a canula attached to the bonsai to continuously drip into its soil. The electric wires are connected to an artificial daylight lamp to give the plant life-supporting light.

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