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Ein Ort für Vögel, Modell 1

2023, hazelnut wood, polished gravel, veneers, ceramic, glass, glass paint, acrylic paint, wood stain, lacker

water, birdseed, dandelion seeds

 model: 36 x 164 x 64 cm, plinth: 66 cm

BETON Berlin

Located outside Berlin's S-Bahn ring, between residential buildings and allotment gardens, a unique, post-secular sacral building from the 1960s stretches out as "a remembrance turned to stone." For this specific urban situation a speculative setting, a laboratory of interspecies collaboration is installed behind the modernistic architecture. Natural food cycles are established to seek porous basis in old foundations to initiate rebuilding processes, thus forming bridges between the past, present and future at this site.

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