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Inside the Archive (step 1—4)


2019, digital print on cotton fabric, aluminium structure, lightbox with daylight tube,

c-prints framed with slumped glass

700 x 600 x 140 cm,

c-prints: 30 x 30 cm

Götheborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art


Various objects from archival collections are comprised in one complex installation. Two photographic images of museum collections – from the artist’s growing archive of hidden institutional spaces – are printed on fabric and hung to surround an open light box borrowed from the Gothenburg Konsthall’s depot. In the light box are frames with bulging glass showing NASA slide film materials from the Hasselblad Foundation photographed on the light box in the National Archive. The slide films document iconic views of Earth seen from space. These archived images gave mankind a broader understanding of the world. Now they are part of a broader arrangement of archive images.

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