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Preview: Thursday, December 5th, from 6pm

with hot alcohol and tasty toasties on terrace

Fri, Sat & Sun, Dec 6th – 8th, until 6pm

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LoBe Block

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Inside the Archive (step 1—4)


2019, digital print on cotton fabric, aluminium structure, lightbox with daylight tube,

c-prints framed with slumped glass

700 x 600 x 140 cm,

c-prints: 30 x 30 cm

Götheborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art


In the modernistic building of the Götheborgs Konsthall images of two museum collections,

the sculpture depot of the Kunstmuseum Bonn and the graphic depot of the Sprengel Museum Hannover,

are presented as oversized fabric prints. They are part of a growing image collection of hidden spaces

within art institutions on fabric, by the artist since 2013. 

Among the hanging fabrics is an open lightbox found in the depot of the Konsthall. In it you find two photographes

framed with slumped glass. They present slide film materials from NASA and the Hasselblad Foundation of

the astronauts’ first encounters with Earth, seen from the moon and space, placed on a lightbox under

a magnifyiung glass in the National Archive.