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The Cloisters Model, Part 1


2017, book pages, plastic foil as marble and glass imitation, papers, pencils 

series of 18 framed collages

Deutsches Haus at NYU, New York


“The Cloisters” is a multifaceted construction made from European monastery ruins, which was intended to fulfil J.D. Rockefeller’s vision of a modern museum. In the correspondence between the architect, Charles Collens, and the curator of the Metropolitan Museum, Joseph Breck, a colonialist-sounding dialogue unfolds about European architectural pieces for the musuem construction in the style of monastery complex – with a car driveway and lift. 

The idea of collaged architecture is translated into an exhibition: Parts of the correspondence are collaged and transcribed by hand. The text collages are framed behind plastic foil and presented alongside collages from faux materials and old catalogue pages.

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