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Preview: Thursday, December 5th, from 6pm

with hot alcohol and tasty toasties on terrace

Fri, Sat & Sun, Dec 6th – 8th, until 6pm

unit on top floor terrace 

LoBe Block

Böttgerstraße 16

13357 Berlin

Gewicht des Sehens


2011, mirror-glass, scaffolding elements, wood, black matt-finished paint

4,5 x 18 x 17 m

Städtische Galerie Nordhorn


The exhibition floor of the pavilion designed by the Irish artist Stephen Craig is covered entirely with mirror glass.

A black, spray-painted scaffolding is installed on top of the fragile surface. The mirror reflects the inner architecture

and gives a unusual sight on to the modernistic space. Each movement of the spectators leads to

the continuous destruction of the fragile surface. A few scaffolding elements lie thrown over on the cracking glass,

other elements remain either partly constructed or partly de-constructed in the space.